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Pudendal inferiorities governing  Human Behaviour


Intro : The Freudian Complex is an inferiority complex to the same sex arising in infancy in every human’s  unconscious mind ,which governs almost every attitude, action and thought from birth to death. It is the root cause of most misery in the human mind. It was a psychoanalytical hypothesis put forth by Sigmund Freud,the great neuro psychiatrist of the last century who coined the theory of unconscious mind dictating behavior.


A)    SEEDS--  The Birth of the Complex


The son sees his mother’s closeness to the father. He develops a guilt about his carnal desires for his mother. He worries that the father might chop off  his penis (and he may resemble his sister) as a punishment. He develops an inferiority to his father who is  bigger, stronger and who has a greater influence on his mother. Since then anyone bigger, stronger, better or more successful etc is identified with the father and the inferiority carried.

Similarly the daughter is worried that the mother has already chopped off her imagined penis, as punishment for her attraction to her father. Her mother has bigger breasts on which she suckles and hence her father is attached to her.

As fantasies  of intimacy with the opposite gender grow, the inferiority to the parent of the same gender intensifies.At school the male child sees other boys with bigger builts, better grades and abilities, better energy at sports .He starts feeling inferior. Also at school the word  “better’’ is learnt; and a confusion between “not better”  and “worse” is created.

The female child sees other girls with better bodies, better grades and better qualities and the inferiority grows.


B)    THE STEM –Growth of  the Complex


During Adolescence and teens, the development of bodies; sexual status, & personalities occur .Obviously development


of different individuals is at a different pace.This compounds the inferiority.

Why is that boy taller than me, why has  he  such a handsome face, why is he better built? Why is that girl beautiful, why does she have a fuller bust, why does she have such a good pair of legs, why is she so fair?

Why does she attract so much? Why are the boys gaga over her? WHY NOT ME? And the inferiority complex creates delusions. She is convinced that none of the boys like her since she is not “not better” but she is “worse”. Even though there may be so many boys attracted to her.

Attraction of one sex to another is genetically determined by the DNA. It is

almost universal, unless previous conditioning interferes. Hence most boys are

attracted to most girls and vice-versa. Of course there will be good, better and the

best choices, but certainly not bad, worse and better. The “ bad” is because of previous conditionings by the parents, friends, teachers, media, religion, environment and  past observations.

Also smartness is envied. The ability of being good at elocution, games, communication, leadership and management is envied. The smart envy the beautiful,  and the beautiful envy the smart. The smart girls think that the boys are perpetually attracted to the busty beauties and the beauties think that  the boys like to flirt only with the smart girls. The result, all develop massive inferiority complexes and bitterness is born.


C)    THE FLOWERS- Youth and Adult Manifestations of Freudian Complex


The young man realizes that money is power , that money confers status. The ladies want status and financial stability in the man. The athletic ability at sex is no criteria for attracting the ladies, but the job status, the pocket status are more important.

The young woman realizes that elegant clothes cut well to show the good parts, revealing dressing, padded bras, high heels and a sexy seductive attitude overshadows a naturally well asseted girl with a big bust or good bodyline wrapped in hide all clothes.

Since money is the all powerful omnipotent weapon, men commit their lives to it and develop an inferiority towards other richer men ,and women commit their lives to finding a well settled, financially stable man and their inferiority is to women with financially well off husbands.

The result is a highly complexed adult who is dissatisfied with himself and is bitter about his sexual status and envious of every other man with more money, status and sex appeal.

The woman also ends up discontent and frustrated and jealous of every other woman who is more beautiful, sexy or married to a man of greater status or financial standing.

Anyway, the Freudian inferiority provides  drive for ambition,success &achievement.


D)    THE FRUIT- Marriage-The first Psychodefence for Freudian Complex


The only goal of the DNA is to replicate and reproduce. The human being like any other animal is polygamous. The sexual desire is non specific and universal with everybody getting attracted to almost everybody unless biased by previous conditioning by past etc.

In marriage, the spouse seeks a temporary defense against the freudian insecurity.The man wants his wife to convince him that he is the only man she is attracted to, that he is at least her superman , that she will be sexually satisfied only by him and that he is God’s boon, destiny’s greatest miracle for her.

The wife too wants her husband to convince her that she is the ultimate sex Goddess  and that he wants only her and that she is the center of his existence and that no other woman is capable of evoking sexual desires in him.

This  is the unspoken agreement , the ultimate psycho defense for the freudian inferiority that at least my spouse does not find me inferior and that she or he finds all others in the world below average and somehow terribly unattractive.


E)SEEDS- Kids: The Ultimate Psychodefense


Now as the marriage progresses , the husband finds out that the wife is attracted towards many other men and vice-versa. Now there is a conflict and the inferiority comes  back with a bigger bang.

Now the woman wants to convince herself that though the husband is attracted physically to other women, he will inseminate only her and form the fruit, the union  of their two souls.The man too wants his wife to bear his seed ,as this will confer on him,superiority over others whom his wife is attracted to.

But soon after the birth of the child, the inferiority resurfaces since  it had never disappeared in the first place. Now cold anger and hostility is generated in both the spouses, they actually hate each other and blame each other for regeneration of their inferiorities to the same sex.

The wife desires a smaller model of her husband as her child and the husband desires a smaller model of his wife.They  believe that the smaller models can be easily dominated and made to believe that they are the ultimate and superior humans of the opposite sex. The vibrations of the mother are such that the male child gets hostile to the father and the next generation of Freudian inferiority is born. And vice-versa .


E)     The Destruction of Freudian Complex :


Our society is plagued by the Freudian Complex. The people in the society want it both ways. They want themselves to be polygamous and their spouses to be monogamous. Firstly we must realize that we have an inferiority complex imbibed in us, that this is making us bitter , frustrated and dissatisfied in life. We must realize that everyone including ourselves is attractive to the opposite  sex and that good, better and best will always exist. That man and woman are polygamous and that sexual attraction  does not confer superiority or inferiority. That sexual attraction is non-specific and universal , and that this always was, is and will be as long as we are made by the genetic code the goal of which is replication    






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The concepts presented here serve to shock you out of your shell and make you contemplate. After Investigation, you will discover your own truth! 

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All matter presented here may not be copied, duplicated or used anywhere without written permision of Author

- Bruce Lee