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WAHT IS Jeet Kune Do (JKD)?


JKD is the Martial arts concept and the philosophy founded by Bruce Lee. JKD is not just a martialart.  JKD is a principle oriented art based on certain ideology.


The JKD Ideology is applicable to Combat as well as to Life. If you are smart, you wil learn to use JKD in combat, but if you are wise, you will also learn its application in Life.


benefits of the Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do


JKD is a Way of Life.


It helps you to find that “Nothing” which man seeks when the search for everything ends.


(As one passes thru life, there comes a stage where material gains cease to matter, and man becomes concerned solely with finding peace within himself)


JKD is a Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Martial journey.


JKD is aimed at Physical fitness & Health, Mental resources, Spiritual growth and Fighting prowess. JKD is an art of Life. 


JKD is a Self enquiry, a step towards knowing yourself. JKD teaches the spiritual via the physical.


(JKD teaches you to understand your body movements in relation to another body, your opponents. It makes you comfortable with yourself and with others.

At a later stage you begin to understand your mind. It helps you to question yourself and betters understanding of one’s self and the world)


JKD is taking control of your life.


It is about developing discipline, will power & determination. JKD is a re-contemplation about your Life.


(JKD is about learning to find time & priority for Fitness, Health & Happiness)


JKD teaches you to fight.


It teaches you to react to force with gentleness and overcome it.


(JKD builds a fighting philosophy in you. It brings out the warrior in you.

When you fight opponents big & aggressive, you realize that in life, it is your reaction to obstacles that count, not the magnitude of the obstacle)


JKD helps you to get beyond System.


In its analysis, JKD compares traditional martial arts with Street fighting. In fighting, it teaches freedom from style, pattern or technique. In Life, JKD helps you to free yourself.


(At a later stage you realize that man is a slave to the system, the very system that was designed for man. The Individual is more important than any system. JKD teaches you to harness the system rather than play slave to it)


JKD takes you beyond time.


Past is History- Learn from it. Present is full of Opportunities – Seize it. Future is Unpredictable- Prepare for it. JKD prepares you for Life.


JKD teaches you your own attitude.


It helps you to find your own way. And in the process, it helps you to find yourself. JKD is just as you are – nothing else.



Principles and Practice Jeet Kune Do (JKD)


JKD is the Martial arts concept and the philosophy founded by Bruce Lee.


JKD is a principle oriented art based on the following ideology. This article is not intended to be a fixed truth. However, as any JKD man will tell you, there are no fixed truths in JKD.


The JKD Ideology is based on the following principles, applicable to Combat as well as to Life.




Mechanically, the more parts a machine has, the greater the chances of it breaking down. Being simple in nature, JKD believes in few tools practiced to the point in which they are extremely efficient. 



A line, being the shortest distance between two points, is the most logical path rather than a curved detour to reach the final destination.

In being direct, no excess motion is exerted. 



JKD believes in absorbing the useful and rejecting the limitation. JKD uses any means necessary to accomplish this task. 


Non Classical. 


Investigate Tradition. Find out why it was designed. See whether you shall have any core benefits. If you still think it has more side effects than benefits, drop it. But not without contemplation. One mans medicine can be another mans poison..


Open mindedness.


JKD is open to newer ideas and concepts which work. It is a constantly evolving art.




JKD believes in flowing, there is never an opposition to the forces and energies exerted by the opponent. All JKD techniques and responses are in accordance with the ‘flow’. You should be able to adapt to the situation at hand.  The rigid and unbending is the disciple of death, the soft and yielding the disciple of Life.


Economy of motion


Use the least possible movement to achieve your goal. Sidestepping is preferred to retreat.


No Pick & Choose


In the beauty of spring, there is no for or against. All branches grow, some short, some long. Make a hairbreadth difference and heaven and earth will fall apart. JKD does not distinguish between one technique and another, favoring neither but supports a better and simpler  application of every technique.




JKD is balance of opposites. Meet hardness with softness. Meet softness with hardness. Opposite’s compliment each other not oppose. Therefore domination has to be complimented with yielding wherever necessary. Be soft, yet not yielding, be firm, yet not hard.


Comfort in all Ranges


JKD teaches you to be comfortable in all ranges. One learns to accommodate to the situation. Lee says “Be like water. It is insubstantial. It assumes the shape of the bowl.” Thus the JKD man fights and adapts




Learn to adapt. In the words of Lee “Be like Water. Pour Water into a bowl and it assumes the shape of the bowl. It becomes the bowl. Pour water into a battle and it becomes the bottle. Water can crash, water can flow. Adapt – be like Water, my friend’



Longest Weapon on nearest target


Use your longest and strongest reach on the opponents nearest and most vulnerable target. In the words of Winston Churchill ‘If you hit your opponent, hit him with all your might or don’t hit him at all’ .


Strongest Weapon Softest Target

Use your most powerful weapon on the weakest & most vulnerable area of your opponent.


Non Conditional


The JKD exponent defies conditioning.  The JKD man prefers to condition his opponent to a regular rhythm and then break it. He himself remaining free and resistant to conditioning.


Individual more important than the system


All systems are incapable of pliability and adaptability. The truth is outside of all fixed systems. So tofind liberation in the arts, one must go beyond the system, As JKD is just a concept and not a fixed gospel.


Experience over Technique


In JKD experience is valued over and above technique. Experience teaches response and this is valuable compared to executing conditioned technique.


Teach how to Find Technique


If you fish for a man, you will fend him for one meal. But, if you teach a man how to fish, you will fend him for life. Thus the principles take precedence over individual technique.




If there is a tactic, a strategy that makes you reach the goal faster, it must be resorted to. However one must distinguish between strategy and technical cunning.


Absorb what is useful


Take what is useful to you, what works and develop from here. So develop what comes naturally to you rather than learn complicated technique.


Hack away the unessential


Reject the rules, the limitations..


Individual Uniqueness. 


JKD is unique for each individual. The techniques that work for one burly man are not the same as those which work for another man. Each individual has to travel his journey to find something exclusively his own. His experiences which are unique to his self must form the core of his responses.




Muen Munshi. One thought. One Action. No Mind. For every thought there are two actions. Doing & Non doing. And for every thought and resultant action, there are a hundred doubts & uncertainties, a hundred minds. Buddha concluded under the Bodhisattva tree ‘Hack away the mind, it is the cause of all trouble’ the JKD man does not think technique, he does not do. ‘It’  does. The ‘It’ here refers to the No mindedness of the great origin.


No Limitation as Limitation


In JKD there are no limitations. For every rule there is an exception. The only limitations are those which you impose on yourself. So instead of this is better than that, the JKD man feels, This is another way of doing it! Hence JKD is a no Holds barred


No way as the Way


There is no fixed way. All routes lead to the same destination. Liberation. "Your Way May Not Be My Way, Nor My Way Be Your Way".  In JKD You find your own way.


All inclusive, excludes nothing.


JKD is not limited to only punching, or only kicking. During training, comfort is to be developed in all ranges. It is fighting with any ability you may have…..


Full Belief, Total Conviction,  Commitment and Discipline.


We are here to question the answers and not answer the questions. Total knowledge is to question the Teacher, the teaching and the textbook.  Once the debates are resolved, one must have  full belief and conviction in his doctrine, unless proved otherwise. Complete commitment and rigid discipline must be exercised in its practice. In the words of Lee, Once the path is decided upon, there is no looking back.


Forever Evolving


JKD is forever evolving, getting better, losing its handicaps. The JKD practiced today will be different from JKD practiced yesterday.

The Principles laid down by Lee will never change, though our understanding of their execution  will better with time as Lees timeless wisdom and intelligence will be realized.


Applicable anywhere


JKD principles are applicable to Combat, Life and every possible place where greater effectivity is desired.


JKD is towards personal Liberation


JKD is one of the avenues through which life opens its doors to us. The goal of JKD is to know our ignorance. Knowing our ignorance is the best part of knowledge. In the words of Sun Tzu, If you know your self and the enemy, there is no fear in a hundred battles. If you know your self, but not the enemy, the odds are even. If you know neither yourself, nor the enemy, there is fear in a hundred battles.


JKD is just a word.


In the words of Lee, JKD is a boat used to cross the river, once across, discard it. He also says in the Tao – If people say JKD is different from this and that, then let the name of JKD be wiped out, for that’s what it is, just another word.


A word on this Jeet Kune Do


We are, at this point of your life, trying to understand, learn and succeed. By using JKD, Bruce Lees Philosophy, The Magic Art  with the capability to transform Lives.


JKD is a phenomenal method of Understanding Life, Solving Its Problems, Succeeding in same areas where you have been failed countless times, Living and Enjoying every Single moment to the fullest.


JKD is an amalgamation of Chinese Lao Tzu,  Japanese Zen & Indian Buddhism. It is non conflictive with Any Religion, Belief or Philosophy. Though It is for Anyone, It produces Results Only for the One WHO APPLYS.


JKD is taught and understood via Combat. In Combat, application of a useful principle produces instant Hits /Results on the opponent. Or instant Punishment for Self, if you fail to apply. Since there is no time for developing Nirvana in Combat, JKD helps you to realize Nirvana quickly in the Combat Arena. 


JKD is a SET of PRINCIPLES which result in Success, not just in Combat but Elsewhere and Anywhere. These are the Principles of  COMMON SENSE and LOGIC as old as Existence itself. But they were highlighted by Bruce Lee, our beloved Teacher. Personally, I am very lucky to have this JKD.


**Simplicity, Directness, Effectivity, Non Conditional & Open Mindedness. Easier Said than Practiced. This is JKD. Believe it or Not, Understand this & Apply this with Open Minded ness to the very same Problems which never got solved and everything will change for the better.


However, There are certain principle for this JKD to work.


a)     DON’T ASSUME  you know this JKD and already have it. If you had it you would not have problems succeeding!

b)     Realize that if you are not succeeding somewhere, There is a NEED for JKD.

c)     KNOW the solution by Understanding &Agreeing to the Logic of JKD.(See **)

d)     APPLY what you KNOW and agree to theJKD Logic. Even if it does not agree with your Heart If you cant apply,  its no use Knowing. ‘Head over Heart’ is a winning attitude.

e)     BE OPEN to KEEP ON APPLYING. If & When You stop applying, You are no longer have JKD. You will NOT get Victory and return back to Problems.


REMEMBER JKD appears EASY. You may think everyone knows it. NO,  NO, NOT AT ALL.

Category A) People Who KNOW NOT. They only Assume they know it.


Category B) People Know it, But are NOT OPEN

enough to understand JKD application to the Problem on Hand.


Category C) People Know it, But are UNABLE TO APLLY, as their Heart rules their Head.


Category D) People who Know and Apply, but STOP APPLYING when some complication arises.


Category E) People who Realize that APPLY & YOU KEEP WINNING, DON’T APPLY & KEEP FAILING.


Good, JKD  is not Easy. IF it were easy, JKD would be applied by very common man. Good, its is not so common. If all were to apply JKD every time, how would you stand out?


Remember, You are JKD till you apply. IF you fail to apply, You join the Common Man in his Failures, Fears & HangUps.


Also Remember, There is NO JKD MAN. There are only MEN who choose the JKD WAY for the given instant. JKD is just a word, for commonsense that is not so common. Respect it & Practice it & Watch how JKD will TARNSFORM Life!





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The concepts presented here serve to shock you out of your shell and make you contemplate. After Investigation, you will discover your own truth! 

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All matter presented here may not be copied, duplicated or used anywhere without written permision of Author

- Bruce Lee